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General Enquiries

Contact Details

Get in touch

See if your questions are answered below or in our FAQs page. To get in touch, please email

Opening hours

VetBox office are open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. Closed bank holidays

Payment, Shipping & Security


All payments are processed securely through the Stripe payments system. Stripe stores all your card details securely on their servers, so VetBox does not have access to your financial information. VetBox operates using a continuous payment authority. This works in a similar way to a Direct Debit but is much easier for you as a customer to cancel. Stripe is PCI compliant and meets the very highest security standards. Click here for more info.

When will I receive my VetBox?

Your box will be packed and dispatched the next working day after payment for that month is received. You will receive a dispatch email when your box is in the post. Delivery is via Royal Mail and may take up to 2-3 working days

Do you ship to my country?

At the moment we only ship within the mainland UK and Northern Ireland.


Your right to return a VetBox is dictated by the UK's Distance Selling regulations outlined in our terms and conditions. If you inform VetBox that you would like to return a delivery then you may do so provided you do it with in 7 days of receiving a delivery, you send it by recorded delivery and you enclose proof of your payment for the VetBox such as a bank statement with in the package. The cost of postage will be deducted from your refund.

Veterinary Enquiries

What flea & worm products does VetBox use?

VetBox uses different flea, tick and worm treatments depending on the requirements of each pet. Our full product list of medications can be viewed here. All VetBox subscriptions cover for the common intestinal worms and fleas that affect UK cats and dogs. The contents of the box vary from month to month to ensure your pet is fully protected.

Does VetBox protect against ticks?

Yes all subscriptions protect against ticks.

Is my pet at risk of ticks?

Ticks are picked up in long grasses and woodlands throughout the country. You probably know if you live in a high risk area or you can phone your local vet.

Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

While reactions to the flea products are extremely rare if licking occurs, a brief period of hypersalivation may be observed. Among the extremely rare (1 in 10,000) suspected adverse reactions, transient cutaneous reactions on the application site (squamosis, local alopecia, pruritus, erythema) and general pruritus or alopecia have been reported after use. Exceptionally, hypersalivation, reversible neurologic symptoms (hyperesthesia, depression, nervous symptoms) or vomiting have been observed after use. In subscribing to VetBox you accept the VetBox Terms of Service and acknowledge and accept these risks

Problems & Solutions

I'm using VetBox but my pet is still itching!

There are many causes of itching in pets other than parasites, including allergies and infections. If you think your pet still has fleas despite treatment with VetBox send us an email at and a vet will be able to give you advice. Include photos if possible.

I'm still seeing fleas

The products we use are highly efficient at killing fleas quickly within 48 hours) and have a lasting effectiveness of 1 month in cats and 2 months in dogs. The reasons that you are still seeing fleas are (in order of likelihood):-
  1. 95% of fleas live in your home environment and only 5% on your pet. These environmental fleas will continue to hatch and jump onto your pet and die even after you applied the initial treatment. By persevering with the VetBox schedule you will get rid of the environmental infestation.
  2. To destroy the environmental infestation quicker we can provide you with a spray that kills the environmental fleas for up to 12 months. The spray treats the average sized house and costs £17.50.
  3. Use the products regularly – with VetBox we take care of your pets schedule so all you have to do is apply it as soon as it's delivered.
  4. You need to treat all the cats and dogs in your home, treating just one won't help as all cats and dogs can act as host for the parasites. We give you 10% off each additional pet.
  5. You need to regularly vacuum to remove the flea larvae from your carpets and furnishings as well as your pets bedding.
  6. Wash your pets bedding on a high temperature and only with very mild detergents.
  7. You may be applying the treatment incorrectly, please look at this video to make sure you're doing it right. How to Apply Spot-on treatments

I'm using VetBox but I'm still seeing ticks

Ticks may take up to 48 hours to die and drop off your pet so we still reccomend removing any as soon as you spot them. Make sure to remove the head and legs carefully.

My pet still has worms

If you are seeing worms in your pets' faeces despite using VetBox products correctly please contact us at and we will be able to offer advice. Unlike flea products the worming treatments will kill only the worms that are present on the day of treatment and have no lasting efficacy. Theoretically your pet could go out the next day and pick up a worm infection. The recommended schedule of treatment for worms is every 3 months for adult cats and dogs according to the World Veterinary Small Animal Association.

I recently treated my pet for worms can I sign up to VetBox?

Yes you can. As long as you have at least 24 hours between consecutive treatments there will be no problems.

I recently treated my pet for fleas can I sign up to VetBox?

This depends on two factors: - what product and when they had it. For specific advice please email us at and we will be able to advise you. In general you should apply the VetBox flea treatments at least 48hours after any other topical treatment.

Why don't I receive the same box contents every month?

We send out products according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and the recommendations of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. The subscriptions protects against fleas, ticks and worms:- the products we use kills fleas for 8 weeks, ticks for 4 weeks and wormer that only needs to be administered every 3 months in adult pets. This means flea/tick treatments will arrive every month and wormer every third. There are many other factors and variations that our veterinary team takes into account when determining the schedule and during very high flea season the vets may decide to use slightly stronger spot-on medications.

My pet is already on a schedule of treatments

No problem at all! As long as you leave 24 hours between worming and 48 hours between spot-on treatments there's no reason not to sign up to VetBox and cancel any existing payment schemes.

Account Management

How do I manage my account?

After you've signed up you'll be able to login to your account and manage your pets details, your delivery details and payment details.

What does my account allow me to do?

Once logged into your account you can add and remove pets, update and change your delivery address and personal details as well as record your pets' weight.

What if my pet dies?

In the unfortunate event of the death of your pet please follow the cancellation instructions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the first instance, if you have a problem with your subscription, please contact our customer support team at info@myvetbox.comand we will do our best to sort out the issue. If you still want to cancel your subscription you need to do so yourself via your account.

Can I change my details?

All your personal details and pets' details can be changed via your account.

What if I have more than one pet?

You can add multiple pets together when you first subscribe or later on once your account has been set-up. Adding additional pet will mean you receive a 10% discount from all their subscription.

What if my pet's weight changes?

You can update your pet's weight through your account. All weights are entered onto a personalised weight graph helping you monitor your pets' weight over time. Sometimes a change in weight may put your pet into a higher or lower price category, if this is the case you'll be informed of the change. As part of VetBox's terms and conditions you agree to provide us with regular weight updates through the weight entry system in your account. This is important to ensure your pet receives the correct treatments, VetBox cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information provided by its customers nor for any loss or damage incurred due to wrong products being provided because of inaccurate pet weights.